Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vídeos De Niñas Follando

: weekly report.

Kanye West Allegedly Not Invited.
Kanye, whatever it is you Have to figure out with the fashion companies, talk about it somewhere else, NOT at the show. It's rude.
Kanye, whatever your problems with the fashion houses, fix it later, will not show. It's rude, really.

Blake Lively for Mademoiselle Chanel

I did not see Blake Lively as a Chanel girl at first. I Used to see her more at Ralph Lauren (tall, blonde, thin, super-poised, it looks like the perfect American Girl Who plays RL wearing tennis clothes Does not she?)
Anyway, Those with LDL and waves in her hair, Actually she has some kind of allure parisienne!
At first I did not see Blake as a Chanel girl. I used to stick a roll over Ralph Lauren, as Natasha Poly (Natasha but you can do anything, for that is the model). Blonde, slim, well, the perfect American who hits more houses like Lauren or Tommy.
But when I saw that little black dress, the waves in your hair, in these great photos, I ended up seeing some Parisian chic in it!

Ricardo Tisci to Dior.

The bets to guess Galliano's successor started weeks ago and we finally got an answer.
Well, what can I say? I LOVE Tisci's work at Givenchy. His last two Haute Couture collections were the best I've seen in years time. If he mantains some of that crazy, imaginative style Galliano had and still have that wonderful taste for fabrics he showed at Givenchy the changed will have been for good.

Las apuestas por sustitutos de Galliano empezaron hace semanas y por fin tenemos una única respuesta.
Well, what I can say? ADORO work Tisci at Givenchy. His last haute couture collections are the very best I've seen in years. If you get to keep some of that crazy and imaginative style of Galliano and maintain its wonderful taste for Givenchy tissues showed no doubt we will have won the exchange.

I was very close to Carine .. I hope Emmanuelle Keeps
him in mind too.
He was very friendly of Carine ... Hopefully Emmanuelle consider their creations as well.

and talking about Emmauelle...
y hablando de Emmanuelle..
The actual first Emmanuelle's cover

One month ago I posted here the one I thought it was Alt's first cover for Vogue Paris. It turned out I was wrong, and the actual cover is this one . I'm sorry for the mistake, I assure you I read it somewhere.
Anyway, I'm so glad that the one I show you wasn't the That Eventually one will hit the market.
The real one is more parisienne: white (I bet Dolce) dress, longer, chic-er, and a perfectly landcape That Could Be The country French. (Although I would rather see a French girl in stead of-still-Gisele wonderful anyway.)
A month ago I published here that I thought would be the first cover of Vogue Paris Alt. It was wrong, and the real cover is this
. Sorry for the error, although I must say that I never so glad to be wrong.
The new-the truth, now, "is more Parisian more Vogue Paris (the other reminded me inevitably to Vogue USA): the white dress (dolce, no?), longer, more chic, and that landscape could be no doubt the French countryside
a. Anyway, I still think I would have preferred to see a French cover.

Natalie Portman wears $ 50 dress H & M pre-Oscar party to

That's it. T Conscious Collection pieces have hit new H & M stores April 14. So do not miss the date and you'll look as faboulous Could as she did!
Save forty-odd euros and marks the 14 April in the calendar to jump into H & M collection by the new responsibility to the environment of the Swedish company that is among the Dress Portman.

New Lipstick with Kate Moss Dior Commercial

My first lipstick WAS Dior and I have not changed my lipstick brand since (ok, I Bought coco rouge once), I Must say they're masters in matter lips!
If we add to this That I Love Their adverts (remember Sofia Coppola for Miss Dior Cherie's, or That stunning .. J'adore Dior, with Charlize Theron?) The result is: you-gotta-go- buy-it.
Oh! And KATE. Needed no more words

My first gloss was Dior (Dior lip maximizer) and brand have not changed from that (except for a pair of Chanel) and I have to say are teachers in bars and Chanel glosses as much as it is in enamel.
If we add I love your ads (you might remember that Sofia Coppola directed announcing Miss Dior Cherie, or the stunning Charlize Theron for J'adore undressing) the result could not take another run to the store.
ah, indeed. AND KATE. no more words needed.
* by the way, Tere, thanks for letting me test the exclusive; )

one tweet to end:

derekblasberg Derek Blasberg
by iriapg9
I pity anyone who quit smoking and saw the LV show. The image of Kate Moss saucily sucking a cig this morning is burnt on my brain forever.

what do you think about Kanye's behaviour?
do you like Blake's pictures for Chanel? what about Dior's commercial?

what do you think you Kanye behavior?
you like the pictures of Blake for Chanel? and what about the ad for Dior Kate?
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